Hive Collection


Ø ~84 cm (34 in)


Ø ~62 cm (24.4 in)

Dual LED light source

The combination of two LED light sources: warm white filament emulating beautiful tungsten lamp and RGBW (full-colour palette) glow/aura gives you endless possibilities of setting the light output. The CRI level is over 90 and guarantee, that objects in your interior will look always good and well saturated. 

Ease of control

Set your colour, turn on each light source, change intensity, play light program and change its speed from distance using our IR remote control.


Stands on a tripod or can be hung

Fixtures can operate in any orientation. Can stand on any tripod or can be hung on a ceiling or a wall.

Great prestige

Hive Collection has one of the most unique and recognizable designs on the biggest stages and tv shows around the world. Just to mention a few of the very well-known names, that Portman® was lighting for Bon Jovi, Cher,  Ed Sheeran, Lionel Richie, Miley Cyrus, Robbie Williams, Sting, The Prodigy and many many more. Check tv, you will definitely see them.

or pendant
or however
you want

Lighting fixture is independant and itself is ready to be used as a floor light the construction allows it to stand still on a rail. But it can be also easilly installed on a tripod or hung. It depends only on you.

Functionality tripod for lamps

Responsible for environment

It was the goal of portmanDeco to choose as many environment-friendly materials as possible to create lighting compatible with the global quest to protect our environment and interfere in it in the smallest possible way. LEDs’ lifecycle is much longer than conventional lamps. Our luminaires are made from aluminium, which is called the green metal because can be recycled in almost 100% and its recycling process saves 95% of the energy required to produce it. Don’t expect that the fixture will come packed in a beautiful heavy printed, wrapped many times by foil because we use simple grey cardboard boxes easy to recycle.





~100 x 84 x 17 cm (39.4 x 33 x 6.7 in)​


~14 kg (31 lbs)





~78 x 62 x 17 cm (30.7 x 24.4 x 6.7 in)


~8 kg (17.5 lbs)


Input voltage

110 - 230V 50Hz/60Hz

Power consumption

max 95W

Light sources

7 x LED filament (tungsten emulation)
7 x RGBW Glow

Color temperature

1 800K




high reflective hammered reflector

User interface

- IR remote control (up to 5-8 m range)
- touch panel on the back

Control features

- filament intensity 0-100%
- RGBW intensity 0-100%
- RGBW smooth colour change
- static light
- moving programs (macros)
- program speed

IP rating


Fixture material

(powder coating - orange skin black)


24 months

What's in the box

luminaire, IR remote control, user manual, power cord