Our story begins on a stage

Portman Lights on Racoon concert

We are Portman®

The idea of making luminaires born around 2012 in Gdańsk, Poland in a district named Nowy Port (en. New Port). During the next few months, the first prototypes were made. In 2016 we set up the company focused on designing and manufacturing professional decorative stage lighting. Our products have been warmly received by the market around the world.

Today we have a distribution network in 42 countries in the event industry. Our products are used on the biggest stages by the biggest. Bon Jovi, Cher, Ed Sheeran, Miley Cyrus, Robbie Williams, Lionel Richie, Mumford and Sons, Sting, X-Factor, The Voice, Top Chef, Got Talent, Idol are just some of the names in our portfolio. Check on www.portmanlights.com

Always following the main values

Design is the most important. Every detail should be perfect and fit together. The design is our power. Unique, timeless design and the perfect combination of the light temperature, the colour intensity with the fixture housing. 
All of our designs are registered and protected.

Quality is super important on the stage. The situation when some fixture brokes during the live show is not acceptable. 

Utility means, that we always think about people who use our luminaires. Dimensions, weight, construction, light output, control interface, safety and many smaller things are considered.

P1 lite LED with man
P1 mini LED indoor
P1 mini LED in indoor
P1 mini LED indoor

From the stage to the interior

PortmanDeco is a result of market demand. We’ve got inquires from architects, interior designers, private investors. We did a few installations using our stage fixtures eg. in SocialClub on Mallorca, in Provocateur Hotel in Berlin and we sold a few units to private customers.

Then we decided to launch portmanDeco line with simplified control interface without the stage control system… and here it is – the same beautiful, unique designs for interiors. Enjoy!

In harmony with nature and fair trade

We believe that making a great product is not enough. It should be durable and should be done in the best possible way for customers and the environment. We put our efforts to make a fixture that is not only eye candy but doesn`t interfere with nature too much. Materials that we use in the production are as much eco-friendly as possible. We try to reduce the use of plastic, the same goes with packing that comes to you with as less foil as it can be to make the travel safe and easy.

We`re from Poland and we manufacture locally. Most of our contractors are our friends from the same region, reducing the length of our supply chains. We believe that it is worth it to be fair. That`s why one of the pillars of Portman is fair trade – a trade partnership based on dialogue, being transparent and respect each other.